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ZELBRITE® - The Very Latest in Swimming Pool Filter Media



Technologie Zelbrite

Keeps your pool sparkling clear Superior water quality with enhanced pool aesthetics

Superior performance—better than Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or active carbon/sand combination filters.





Zelbrite active filter media is made from the unique natural mineral called Zeolite. This environmentally friendly mineral has a 3-dimensional structure of microscopic apertures and channel ways like a hard, but porous sponge. Zelbrite's porous structure provides a huge surface area which traps the smallest particles, down to 3 microns, and removes them from your pool.

No special equipment needed, simply replace the sand in your filter with Zelbrite

The unpleasant effects of stinging eyes, irritating or dry skin, acrid chemical smells are mostly eliminated. These are generally caused by mono-and di-chloramines formed by the reaction of ammonia/ammonium and the chlorine used for disinfection. Zelbrite by removing ammonia/ammonium from the water prevents the formation of these irritating and dangerous compounds.

The more efficient use of chlorine leads to very significant reduction in chlorine usage. Typically chlorine usage reductions of 35% are achieved.

By using Zelbrite, the frequency of backwashing is lower. This can give you considerable savings in water cost. As the backwash water contains "heat" and chemicals that have been applied, these have to be replaced. Therefore there are immediate savings from less frequent backwashing in water cost, heating cost and chemical cost. Backwashing has often been reduced by up to 50%.

The less frequency of backwashing hence less discharge of wastewater to the environment. The chemical action of Zelbrite and its buffering capacity results in a more efficient use of chlorine and reduction in other chemicals used for pH control. As a result the total dissolved solids (TDS) discharge to the environment is lower.

Benefits for the users

Dramatically reduced pool odour and eye and skin irritation form marked reduction of chloramine formation
Superior water quality resulting from additional surface capture of contaminants and chemical capture by cation-exchange
Superior water quality enhances the effectiveness of disinfection to eradicate micro-organisms (bugs)

Greater dirt-holding capacity results in less frequent backwashing with savings in power and less discharge of backwash water to the environment.
The "buffering" capacity and cation-exchange capabilities result in more efficient use of chlorine and reduction of chemicals used for pH control

Savings from significant reduction in chemical addition

Savings in power due to less backwashing and lower pump head due to lighter filtration material

Comparison come into operation filtration medium:

medium ZELBRITE® sand DE sand and active carbon combination
character using permanent for many years using permanent for many years compensation after every washed filter compensation activated carbon frequently
filtration efficiency excellent good exquisite exquisite
mechanic filtration 2-3 microns 15 microns 5 microns 15 microns
multiple filtration yes no no yes
odstranění Amoniaku yes no no partly
remove ammonia yes no no partly
severity on service low, * simple filtre washing low, * simple filtre washing high, filtre washing strips refill high
operating costs low, permanent filtration media low, permanent filtration media replace refill after every filtre washing high

* Another preferences of ZELBRITE®


Natural Sea Salt, harvested on the Australia's shore by solar evaporation.
Packaging: PP Bags @ 20 kg
  Palette: @ 1 040 kg (52 Bags)